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My Name is Alan, I used to be a swirl guitar painter. You may have seen some of my work... maybe?

My old company "Out Of This Swirled.com" is still online today, you can find a link to it in the link section if you're interested.
During the years I was painting guitars I was asked many times by my customers if I would get them some custom coloured DiMarzios the same as the ones that Steve Vai had in his Jem or Universe swirls, so I started to do so.

Lots of other people found out I was doing it via forums chatter so they started emailed me too. So I started ordering in custom pickup for them as well- black, white, cream or crazy colour combos.

Even after stopping painting guitars for customers years back I was still getting lots of email to order the custom pickups in, so I kept ordering them in.
Several years later and thousands of pounds of stock later I am still doing it albeit on a larger scale.

As you might imagine, you won't normally find Pink Green or Yellow DiMarzios down your local guitar shop.
Getting exactly what you want from such an array of custom options is not easy and normally requires a special order.
Don't settle for silver pole pieces if you want black, don't have black poles if you want Gold. We can get exactly what you want if it's an available custom option and have been doing so for years.

My plan is to stock as many coloured pickups as possible whilst maintaining a stock of all
DiMarzios pickup range. The ecommerce store will be online soon (fingers crossed).
Your support of our company will ensure easier/quicker access to the harder to get hold of
pickups in the future.
Thanks for taking the time to see who we are.

I don't paint anymore and never will again, please see my link section for the best swirl
guy out there doing it now IMO just in case you're in the market.

As I always used to sign off H.A.G.O
(Have a Good One)
- Alan.

I have sent DiMarzio pickups all over the globe for the past 7+ years with never a problem
If you are after some please feel free to mail us, tell us exactly what you want and if DiMarzio make them in the colours you are after we will get them sent out to you.


Swirl painted lizard paw by out of this swirled.comSwirl painted DNA guitar by out of this swirled.com
Two more of my favorite swirls. Rays lizard and My DNA.

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