JULY 2015

Please click the above picture to take a look at our stupid low summer sale offers.
First come first serve.
Once these are gone there will never be an offer like it again, ALL BRAND new pickups.
Cheers- Al.

All order are done for the month. Below we have a VAST improvement to a JEM77 FP2, with just some subtle colour added to the
pickups. IMO for what it's worth this looks 20 times better than uninspired plain boring black.

jem77 fp2 dimarzio upgradejem fp2 pickup upgrade
Thanks Gary B (owner of the jem77 FP2) for ordering with us.
Below is a mock up we did to help Gary choose between a few options. The middle cover is cream, we both thought red in the middle was a bit too much.
ibanez jem77 fp2

A couple of other new arrivals for the shelf stock.
blue dimarzio tone zone green dimarzio super 3

Here is a swirl I painted back in 2012 on a replacment jem body. The body went out to 2 great guys in Italy Fabio and Michele.
Fabio is renound for his wiring and Michele AKA Nuno is renound for his fretboard work and guitar set ups, they worked together
on this project, Hope you like it more can been see if you follow the facebook links.
swirle ibanez jem

swirled ibanez jemibanez jem ultra wiring by fabio Gobbi


JUNE 2015
All custom order sent out. Some new items on the shelves and then next order due in by the 3rd of July this month.
Some new stock just in.
DiMarzio Pickups Surrounds in all available colours!
dimarzio coloured pickup surrounds ukdimarzio pickup surrounds uk

All DiMarzio Capacitors.
dimarzio capacitors uk caps

Some new DiMarzio colour stock on the shelves.
yellow dimarzio tone zonepurple x2n dimarzio

Nice Passion and Warfare inspired DiMarzio Evolutions.

The custom order came in and have been sent out again. Next months custom order are fast approching again.
Here are a few of the new items on the shelf for this month.
LOADS More not shown, Purple X2N's, Green Dominions, Red Tone Zones......
richie kotzen custom DiMarzio pickup setrandy rhodes dimarzio pickup set
LEFT: Richie Chopper T / Twang King set in gold RIGHT: Randy Rhodes Super Distortion / PAF Pro set.
ron thals custom dimarzio pickup setSatrianis Red custom DiMarzio pickup set

We sent a lot of custom order out too, here are some below, remember if you like something, get it just the way you want it.
pink dimarzio dominions
Pink Dominions with Black Poles.
ionizer dimarzio bridge pickups uk
DiMarzio Ionizer 7's.
red dimarzio pickups uk customs
Some Customs in Red and Purple.
Poland Dimarzio pickup
Poland Representing!

DiMarzio Evolution set in the Rainbow Jason Becker colours, with a Green Cliplock and a Pink Switchtip.
zebra DiMarzio custom D Activators
Some Moodey looking DiMarzio Zebra D Activators with black poles.

PLease find us on Facebook and send a pic if you have fitted your new pickups, cheers- Al.

APRIL 2015
The orders have landed and we are sending them out or have sent some already. Thanks again for all who
ordered with us. Our next order deadline is fast approaching 8th MAY( 3 weeks).

We had a few new items to keep on the shelf in readiness.
blue evolution pickups dimarzio uk DiMarzio super distortions coloured UK pickupmagnet
A couple of the order for this month.
Green Dimarzio illuminator 7's with custom black poles red tone zone green air norton DiMarzios
New on the shelf.
DP222 dimarzio green D activator xdp100 red super distortion dimarzio pickup
blue dimarzio super distortion pickup.

Please email us about some crazy coloured DiMarzio the brighter the better! Thanks again- Al.


Our April custom DiMarzio pickup order is fast approaching so if you need something please get in touch and
we will get them ordered for you. it's a 50% down payment now (if in crazy colours NONE refundable for obvious reasons)
and then the remainder upon there arrival here 4-5 weeks later.

We are Stocking Ibanez spares now. So if you need any let us know and we will do our best to
source what you need.
ibanez green knobs pinkdimarzio custom pickups

Some Genuine quality Ibanez Speed knobs and switch tips, more to come.

Cheers all- Al.

MARCH 2015
We've had some new sets arrive to add into stock. Here are few of them.
air norton tone zone 7 green set uk
LEFT:The EVER popular Tone Zone 7 / Air Norton 7 Set in Green RIGHT: John Petruccis Illuminator 7 set (Green)

LEFT: Ionizer 7 Set in Green RIGHT: Joe Satrian's Chrome Mo Joe / Satch Track set.

Richie Kotzens Signature Fender Tele's The Chopper T / Twang King Gold Top set.

Thanks for all the folks who friended and liked us on Facebook.
New Site coming soon....
More New coloured items coming in EVER month.
BUT if you wnat something CRAZY you will need to order, so make sure to get in touch before next
months cut off (see dates at the top of this page) and we will have DiMarzio do their magic specially for you, just the way you
want them.

A couple of FEB Orders that we sent out.

Till next month- T.I.E- Al.

You may notice the facebook icon on all the new pictures, we decided to join the facebook ranks (try and get in at the beginning) so
folks can see they get what they order and our customers can post the pictures of their guitars too. Right now it's a
boring empty page so we need to sort that out next. Soon as we have a couple of pictures up and a logo the links will go
live so please pop over and give us a like or a comment if you have used our service before, we could use the word
of mouth as all Internet businesses are built on trust and having to part with money for goods and then wait for
them to be made.... folks (myself included) get a bit edgey, so I hope this will help me and others with your support.

Prices are all due to change shortly.... Have you ever known prices go down? Other than the oil....
New site also almost done, taking me way too long to do the pictures and the layout.
dimarzio pickups uk europe
I have tried to make it all very clear and simple, so all custom charges are in one place next to each
pickup, I think it's clear..... heck I hope it's clear, it's taken me weeks, scratch that months.

All of last months orders have arrived and been sent out. Now we wait for our March Delivery.

We had a few new items in this month to keep in stock
tone zone air norton pickup set yellow uk

Tone Zone Air Norton set in in Yellow. We have been asked to order them in a few times so now they're on the shelf.
Another Camo Set of D Activators
Camo D Activator set uk

We hold a green D Sonic / Air Norton set also now.

Email me with any questions, we have 2 weeks before the next order cut off.
Cheers- Al.
Dimarzio custom pickup orders

Happy New Year to all.
If you are looking at getting a custom set of DiMarzios from us and they might need ordering please get in touch with us now as this
months order is going to be sent in in the next few days.

Thanks and lets all H.A.G.O- Al.

A few new sets on the shelf- we HAVE the items that we are selling.
pink d activator dimarzio pickups uk pickupmagnet

We also got a set in Camo as these are the most popular replacement DiMarzio pickup.

Sometimes our advertised items have sold and we will tell you straight away if this is the case and get you an ETA, we don't
like being messed around, so don't do it to our customers.

FIND over 75 set that are IN STOCK!! HERE.

Don't see what you're after just fire us an EMAIL HERE, we may have it as not all our stock is listed up or pictured, if we don't have
it we will get back to you with an ETA and a price ASAP, and then it's up to you.

dimarzio super distortion lots uk pickupmagnet

Anyone need a Super Distortion?

jason becker dimarzio pickup set UK europe
Over the years we have been asked many times to order in the Tone Zone (Blue/Pink) HS-2 (Green) PAF Pro (Yellow/Red)
Jason Becker DiMarzio custom set so this time we have decided to keep a set in stock just for such an occasion, rather than having
you guy (and girls) trawl the internet (don't bother you won't find them) trying to find them.
Here at PickupMagnet we will be  able to ship them straight out. The first sets won't arrive for a couple more
weeks, but once arrived we will list them HERE with the others in the
custom set section.

This quick message goes out to all our customers over the years, if you have purchased some items from us we would ask
that you might do us the favour of popping a link on a guitar forum you might be part of or a guitar site that might benefit
others people looking for hard to find guitar pickup sets, or who need to order something custom.
The more custom we receive the more we will be able to stock and offer at great prices.
Thank you all for your consideration and your custom over the years. - Alan.

DiMarzio pickups uk pickupmagnet
PickupMagnet November DiMarzio orders have gone in so if you wanted anything as a Christmas present, unless we have it in our 350+ selection of stock then someone maybe disappointed.

We had the PAF MASTERS in stock now, they're on the shelf and ready to go out.
DiMarzio PAF masters pink UK pickupmagnet dp261 dp260
PAF Masters Hot Pink with custom Black Poles DP261 and DP260
PAF masters black dimarzio UK

PAF Masters Black DP261 and DP260

PAF Master DP260 261 set UK europe
DiMarzio release 2 new pickups used by Paul Gilbert.
PAF Master DP260 neck
PAF Master DP261 Bridge.

We're ordering some, in standard colours BUT if you're after some zebras or bright colours please let us
know and we will add them to our order for you.

We have a PINK set coming in as Pablo Gilberto loves his Pink and Blue colour combo, these will have
Black Poles. Please
EMAIL here to reserve them.

We have also added lot of new popular set to our specail offers page HERE
We will also be offering a few select sets and individual pickups on special offer from time to
time, you can find them
Rastafarian inspired DiMarzio Blaze Set UKDiMarzio Crunch Lab/Liquifire Combo in Custom Green
LEFT: Rastafarian inspired DiMarzio Blaze Set RIGHT: The ever Popular Petrucci Crunch Lab/Liquifire Combo in Custom Green.

All Prices have been reduced due to a new supplier, all of our DiMarzios
are now a lot cheaper, if you are looking to order anything custom please get your emails in soon. We are fast
approaching our cut off point for this month. If you miss it..... there will always be next month.

Herc Fede  R.I.P

February 18th 1969 - June 24th 2014 (45)

I spoke to a good friend the other day on the Phone who told me the terrible, shocking news that The Swirl
Guru Herc Fede had passed away.  I could not believe this news, it really shocked and upset me, although I never
had the pleasure of meeting Herc or even speaking to him on the phone. 

  Anyone who has ever spent five minute searching the web for anything to do with swirl painting will know the world famous
name of Herc Fede they will find lots of examples of his stunningly vibrant work.  His name and legacy is rightly lionized on
ever guitar forum on the web.  10 years ago, one of those guys searching was me. I spent hours crawling over all of Herc’s web
sites (more often than google bots) looking at gallery after gallery of his incredibly diverse and vibrant work which in turn
inspired me to try.
I have lots of pictures of Herc’s swirls on multiple CD somewhere in the hundreds of disc I have.  I think I even have
a picture of Joe Satriani with Herc holding a Donnie replica he had painted and when I find It, I will post it up here along
with pictures of lots of Herc’s other work.

The Guitar world will be a duller one without Herc Fede’s amazing swirl paint jobs, that much is for sure.

 My deepest condolences go out to all his family members and close friends at this terrible time.

R.I.P Herc

Just 2 examples of Herc great swirls.
herc swirl R.I.P herc fede glow in the dark swirl guitar


We have launched our new site and pickupmagnet.COM will be going live shortly too. When this happens all our
"BUY IT NOW" links and our "STORE" button on this site will be redirected there. Soon you will be able to pop things into
your basket and pay for them without the small hassle of an email request. But until that time please email us
with any orders or requests.

I will be sorting out a form for custom order requests but for now I am sorry to say you will have to speak to a
human, via the old fashioned communication form of an email or even a phone call, we have no call waiting or
overseas call centers.

On this page I will be showing the DiMarzio custom pickup order cut off date for the month
so that anyone interested knows how long they have to put any custom orders in... MISSED THE CUT OFF DATE? There is always
another coming around 1 month later. You never know, we may have what you're after in stock, so drop us a email.

Seen here in chrome.


This year sees the latest DiMarzio/Satriani collaboration in the form of the DiMarzio DP425 "Satch Track".
This pickup was only available in the latest Ibanez Satriani model until now we have it in stock at PickupMagnet.